Upon opening the doors to the La Mesa Ministries Resource Center and getting ready for a lovely meal and fellowship, it seemed like a typical Tuesday evening – the smell of delicious home cooked food wafting, the buzz of smiling volunteers and a campus full of our favorite community; but tonight turned out not to be “just” a typical Tuesday night. I could see God’s plan and the dreams of La Mesa coming true all around me. The mission of La Mesa, the blessing of our volunteers who give so freely of their time, money and talent, and amazing partnerships with organizations who work with us to help the downtrodden and homeless were all display in all of their richness!

First, sitting at the front table in the greeting area, I saw our volunteer Greg and two of our recently employed friends. Greg was teaching the men financial classes – how to make their money work to get them so that can soon get off of the streets. I then moved  into the office area and saw our partner Paula from Saint Joseph the Worker discussing employment opportunities with a job seeking client. She was encouraging, offering hope and sound advice on how they could be successful in their interview and as they went back to work. On the other side of the partition in our humble office, I saw a couple we have known for years. He had been baptized at La Mesa several years back; and he and his partner were struggling with the pending death of his mother. Our wonderful volunteer Judy, a retired counselor, was giving of her skills to help them cope with their stress and grief.

As I opened the door this evening, I was ready to be blessed with a nutritious meal and loving fellowship; yet I found so much more. Tonight, as Hope Happened Here all around me, I made sure to take a moment to thank the Lord for this beautiful community, for the work that we are privileged to do, and for many blessings He has seen to provide – giving me even greater hope that La Mesa be able to help more and more of the homeless to overcome! What a wonderful night!