Resource Center

La Mesa Ministries operates a resource center in Mesa. We walk alongside brothers and sisters and help connect them with needed services. From filling out forms, to making appointments, to catching a ride to an interview, we are here to help.

In addition, we provide:

  • Mail services for official documents and letters for those who cannot afford a post office box
  • Caseworkers who can help find housing solutions based on individuals’ needs and situations.
  • One on one personal assistance with ID’s, Driver’s License, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards.  There is also assistance with Federal Assistance applications.

    Most importantly, people entering La Mesa Ministries will immediately see and feel the love of Jesus. On the walls, in the music, in the Bibles and literature available to read and especially in the love and compassion of those who serve – Jesus’ love and forgiveness will be everywhere. The Gospel will be shared, and prayers spoken.

    Additional Services


    La Mesa Ministries offers a financial management class every Tuesday at our office at 805 N Country Club Dr., Mesa, Az. 85201.  These classes are four weeks long and begin on the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm.  Graduates of the class will be able to take advantage of some financial assistance at move in and if you qualify you will be provided with furniture and household items for your new residence.  A Housing Counselor will be available to assist you in finding affordable and safe housing once you complete your financial management class. The Counselor will work closely with authorities, personnel, landlords, and organizations that have the right housing option for your individual need.  You will be guided through the entire process.  Assistance with filling out an application is available if needed, as well as getting you pre-qualified, and guidance in acquiring any supporting documents required.  The Counselor will be there for you even until you receive the keys to your new home.  For more information, please contact us.

    Important Document Assistance

    Most employment and housing opportunities require that you have certain original documents to qualify.  These documents could be a state issued identification card or driver’s license, a social security card or a birth certificate.  If you need to acquire one or all these documents La Mesa Ministries can assist you in obtaining them.  You may also need government assistance for health care or nutrition.  We can help with that too.  If there is an important document, you need help assistance with please reach out to us.


    Free short- term temporary storage is available to individuals who enroll into the financial management class and are employed or actively searching for employment. Personal belongings will be kept safe for several hours while their owners go to medical appointments, job interviews and other meetings. Their personal items will be stored until housing or shelter is obtained.

    Our prayer is that this service results in new opportunities for our brothers and sisters to move forward in their lives, storing the love of Jesus in their hearts as they go about their transformational days.

    Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery

    Our goal is to be focused on breaking the chains of addiction for those who are homeless and have no family.  Men and women who want to be free from their addiction can find their way to a new life in Christ through the help of La Mesa. Individuals who seek assistance through the La Mesa Ministries Resource Center, (LMMRC) will meet with a counselor to work on a plan to get them the help they need. Our ministry partners Teen Challenge of Arizona,(TCAZ ) and Phoenix Rescue Mission (PRM) have a 12 to13-month faith-based recovery program for men and women. La Mesa Ministries will become your sponsor and or mentor to support you all along the way through this difficult road to a new transformed life.   Once you graduate and are ready to leave the program La Ministries will encourage you to be a part of our ministry if you desire.  We will assist them with employment, housing and to  re-united them with their family.   If you are ready to break the chains of addiction, please reach out to us.